31st May 2019

Why our clients love us

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For years, we’ve worked with many agencies and businesses to bring their vision to life. Here are a few of the top reasons why our clients love working with us and trust us with their projects.

1. We love our jobs

Probably the most important thing you need to know, which is why it’s at the top. We’re a team of engineers that love building stuff, and figuring out how we can build things better and faster. We’re driven by that love and we pour this into our work, so that we can produce the best for our clients. We’re not going to lie to you and say we love testing sites in Internet Explorer, but we do love solving problems the cleanest way we can and giving users the best possible experience. So yes, you could call us a bunch of passionate nerds.

2. We work fast

The deadline is as important to us as delivering quality work. Many of our clients are agencies, and therefore very deadline-driven. Sometimes we ask for more time, if we think quality will suffer. But we always get things done quickly, and keep our clients looped in on our progress all the way through the project.

3. We communicate frequently

Nothing bothers us more than when people take ages to reply. This is why we often reply to our clients within the hour, or at minimum in the same business day. We also are happy to join your Slack channel or project management tool for the duration of a project. We’ve used them all (Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Trello, you name it).

4. We are flexible

Is there a new priority to focus on mid-project? Well that’s okay, we can adjust. We engineer things to be flexible so that if a design change comes through late, we can make it happen. Sometimes we’re even anticipating features the client may want as we develop features in code. We don’t encourage changes of course, but we understand the nature of a project to change. This is what being agile is all about.

5. We care about best practices

Best practices is a technical term for just doing things properly and adhering to common approaches. There are certain agreed-upon standards in our industry and we always aim to deliver to that standard, and even above and beyond the standard. We use industry-standard tools, and often work at the bleeding edge to deliver future-proofed builds. We like writing clean code that someone else can understand later, without needing to pull it all apart.

6. We push boundaries

We love industry-standard tech but we also try new things and push boundaries. You may have noticed that this site is built using Timber and React for SSR rendering (without a Node server). Okay that just got really technical, and if you want to know more you can read up about that here. In short, we’re not afraid to write our own code if we need to (sometimes a third-party library just isn’t up to the task).

7. We work with LOTS of tech

Collectively our team knows a lot, and we’ve got years of experience. We have worked with WordPress (and Timber), Laravel, CraftCMS, Node, React, Angular, Parse, GSAP, Docker, and various other infrastructure or development platforms. But you could say our core passion is making beautiful front end web builds and web products using good old fashioned css (scss really), HTML5 (twig or nunjucks really), and JavaScript (ES6).

8. We care about speed

The team is pedantic about speed and testing sites and apps through tools like Lighthouse. We are constantly looking for ways to optimise TTI (time to interactive), and defer heavy-duty assets until the very last second that they’re needed. Increasingly, the web is being viewed on mobile devices and 3G connections, and performance is a concern.

9. We love to automate stuff

Automation is something developers can do because of the tech they’re exposed to, and we take every advantage of that. We use source control software (git) to keep our team up to date with changes, and we also use git for deployments to staging and production servers. We use continuous integration (CircleCI) to make our builds happen on the cloud instead of on our machines. All of this saves us precious minutes every day which amounts to hours and days over months, which give us more time to focus on YOUR project.

10. We fix stuff quickly

We test stuff too, but things break. That’s the nature of the tech we work with, which is getting more complex by the day (even as the toolchains become more and more awesome). When things break we jump on it quickly, because we know it’s a priority for your business to keep things up and running and working across the spectrum (we’re looking at you IE).

Bonus – We are remote (full remote)

Okay this one is really for us. But being remote allows us to focus on the work instead of getting distracted. Everyone on our team is in their ideal environment to be productive, which means all of the things we listed above get done at maximum happiness and speed, ultimately making our deliveries better. As much as 50% of the US working population could be working remotely by the end of the next decade, so we’re also already fully prepared for the future :)

Why our clients love us https://lab19.dev/why-our-clients-love-us/...
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